Town Government

There are many ways that the Town of Zolfo Springs works to serve the community.  If you need information on or assistance with a particular function or service, these sections of the website should be helpful to you.

Commission: Responsible for formulating policies, enacting ordinances to carry out those policies, setting tax rates and approving the annual budget.

Administration:  Responsible for overall Town operations.

Code Enforcement: Responsible for overseeing the building department, planning and zoning board, board of adjustment, and work with the Police Department on all matters pertaining to code enforcement.

Utilities: Responsible for the major utilities and infrastructure of the Town.

Emergency: Responsible for all safety and emergency activities in the Town.

Facilities: Responsible for maintenance and programming in the Civic Center and other public buildings.

Parks & Recreation: Responsible for maintenance of the outdoor recreation facilities in the Town.
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