Project Description

The Town of Zolfo Springs is working with the community to develop a Vision Plan for the Town’s Downtown Area as the Town works to provide a unified direction in achieving the community’s economic and livable community goals for the Town’s future.


Zolfo Springs, recognized as a Rural Area of Critical Economic Concern (RACEC), is located in southern Hardee County along the US 17 corridor and is a community of approximately 1,827 residents. US 17 bisects the Town. Major industries in the area are agriculture and phosphate mining.

In 2015, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is scheduled to begin an expansion of US 17 by creating a Town bypass route and a business district route running through Zolfo Springs. For additional information on this expansion please visit the Florida DOT's US 17 Corridor Projects website.

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A continuous goal of the Town of Zolfo Springs has been to look at mechanisms to promote economic development within the Town. The development of a Vision Plan for the downtown area will allow the community, including business owners and residents, to provide input regarding the future of Zolfo Springs. The Town is at a critical crossroad as it will soon be impacted by significant changes to the configuration of US 17 as these changes will alter the complexion of the Town. This project will allow the Town to proactively plan, through community and stakeholder input. Developing a Town Vision Plan is a key part of implementing a long-term plan to promote economic development in this rural community. Key concepts developed from the Vision Plan will be brought forward into the Land Development Regulations.

Why Vision?

The goal is to develop a successful future vision for Zolfo Spring's Downtown area.

What is a Downtown?

The Central Geographic Area or core business, commercial, or community area of a city. The focal point for shops, retailers, and community and cultural facilities in the downtown.

Why create a Vision Plan?

A Vision Plan provides a roadmap to achieve the Community's vision for Zolfo Spring’s Downtown.

Your input counts! View the Draft Downtown Vision Plan and take the survey now!

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