Code Enforcement is necessary to make sure the Land Development Regulations and Codes are adhered to by all residents.  Without Code Enforcement, our community would have no parameters within to live and remain orderly. 

All tax paying citizens should have the expectation of a clean and safe neighborhood.  All citizens should have the right to peaceful coexistence and if there is defiance of the code in their community they should have the assurance that it will be dealt with until the violation is corrected. 

Code Enforcement also regulates that new construction is being placed in the proper zoning areas and setbacks are abided by.  Permits for construction are approved through Code Enforcement before being processed by the Building Department.

If you have a code enforcement concern or you need to report an issue within our community, send a resident request directly to our Town office with the details.


Code Enforcer
Amanda Wallace
(863) 735-0405


County Animal Control

(863) 773-2320

County Disposal

(863) 773-6079

Frequently Asked Code Enforcement Questions
County Landfill

(863) 773-5089

County Building Dept.

(863) 773-3236

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