Code Enforcement is necessary to make sure the Land Development Regulations and Codes are adhered to by all residents.  Without Code Enforcement, our community would have no parameters within to live and remain orderly. 

All tax paying citizens should have the expectation of a clean and safe neighborhood.  All citizens should have the right to peaceful coexistence and if there is defiance of the code in their community they should have the assurance that it will be dealt with until the violation is corrected. 

Code Enforcement also regulates that new construction is being placed in the proper zoning areas and setbacks are abided by.  Permits for construction are approved through Code Enforcement before being processed by the Building Department.

If you have a code enforcement concern or you need to report an issue within our community, send a resident request directly to our Town office with the details.


Code Enforcement


County Animal Control

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County Disposal

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Frequently Asked Code Enforcement Questions

What common items are considered junk, trash and debris?

The following items are some examples of junk trash and debris that ARE NOT permitted: * old furniture (chairs, couches) * old appliances (washers, refrigerators, etc) * old tires (must be disposed of at landfill or disposal facility and will not be picked up with garbage collection) * debris of any kind (tree limbs) * yard trash or litter (any untidy accumulation of objects) * buckets, coolers, aluminum cans, tarps, mattress, bed frames, old lumber, old metal, any thing old and not in use * lumber/wood must be stacked neatly on the property

What should I do if I need to have debris picked up?

To be placed on the list for debris removal, contact Hardee County disposal - 863-773-6079.

What days will my garbage be collected?

Collection days are Wednesday and Saturday.

What should I do if my animal has been picked up by Town staff?

Any animal caught by Town staff is taken to All Creatures Animal Hospital on Hanchey Road in Wauchula - 863-773-9215.
For an animal to be released and returned to the owner a $25.00 fee must first be paid to the Town to authorize release, along with any shot fees incurred by the vet.

What are common code violations?

- Inoperable Vehicles and those lacking current tags.
- Grass, weeds, and other vegetation in excess of 12 inches in height.
- Accumulation of junk, trash, and debris (including tree debris).
- Address numbers not posted on structure, clearly visible from the roadway, or less than 4 inches in height.
- Dilapidated dwellings and structures.
- Signs placed in the right-of-ways and utility poles.
- Occupancy of RV outside of designated RV Parks.
- Occupancy of accessory structures (sheds).
- Operating business without occupational license.
- Farm animals in residential areas.
- Allowing dogs to run at large, not keeping dog on property.

What is a commercial vehicle?

A commercial vehicle is any vehicle that has a GVW (gross vehicle weight) of 10,000 lbs. or more, or a tax class of 40 to 44. Vehicles that have company names, numbers, etc. such as vans and pick-up trucks are not considered commercial vehicles. *NOTE* Commercial Vehicles cannot be parked or stored in a residential zone. This includes tow trucks on rotation.

Why is code enforcement picking on me, I do alot for the community?

Code Enforcement is not trying to judge anyone. County Codes are written for everyone to follow, not to judge ones character. Codes cannot legally be enforced by a case-by-case basis they are the same for everyone. We always appreciate anyone who is out to better the community but they have to follow the codes. Codes are not enforced based on opinion, income, or personal status; they are enforced the same for every property in the county. Sometimes it is just a matter of educating, as many do not even know that they have committed a violation.

How does the Code Enforcement process work?

1. A complaint is received by Code Enforcement.
2. An inspection of the property is conducted.
3. If a violation is found, a certified letter is sent to the property owner with a set time frame to correct the violation.
4. If the violation is not corrected within the set time frame a Notice to Appear before the Special Magistrate is sent and a hearing is scheduled.
5. If the Special Magistrate finds the property to be in violation a fine can be set for each day the property continues to be in violation.
6. Failure to pay fines, can result in liens being placed on the property or other property owned by the property owner (cars, boats, etc).

Why is my stuff classified as Junk or Trash?

The title of the code is entitled Junk, Trash, and Debris. The definitions of these terms are different from the common everyday meanings. You can request a copy of the definitions from your code enforcement officer.

What makes an unserviceable vehicle?

An unserviceable vehicle is any vehicle that is not road worthy. Not having a tag or registration, missing parts, flat tires, smashed windshield, etc. will bring notice to a vehicle as being unserviceable.

I just bought this property and didn't know that a permit was never obtained?

This is actually very common. An owner of a property does work on their property (puts up a fence, shed, closes in a carport, etc.) and does not pull a permit. Later he sells the home and does not tell the buyer, Code Enforcement cites the new owner. When you buy a home, you buy it as is. This means you accept the house the way it is and as the new owner become responsible to correct the problems. However, you do have the
right to pursue civil action against the previous owner.

What can be done about stray animals in my neighborhood?

Animals can be taken to the County Animal Control Office located on Airport Road in Wauchula for surrender: 863-773-2320 In addition, residents can contact the Town for traps to be placed to catch stray animals.

What items can/cannot be picked up as garbage?

Items that WILL NOT be picked up with garbage collection: - Tires
- Television & Other electronics
- Appliances Items that can be picked up by garbage collection: - Furniture (mattresses, chairs, etc)
- Tree Debris (must be tied/bundled) You must call Hardee Disposal to arrange pick up for these items.

County Landfill

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County Building Dept.

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